The ABCs of SEO: Filling Your Practice with New Patients

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The ABCs of SEO: Filling Your Practice with New Patients

Why do you need SEO and how can you put it to work to attract, connect with, convert, and retain more new patients and stimulate practice growth like never before?

Is your medical practice among the top three search results when you search for a < specialty > in < your city > or a < common symptom or ailment patients experience > in < your city >? SEO is critically important if you’re serious about attracting new patients and building your practice.

If you want to see more patients, patients need to see you first.

Since more than 90% of potential patients start their search journey on Google, SEO is the key to helping patients see you online. Not among the top 3 search results? Then you may need to reconsider your SEO strategy. Consider that:

  • 5% of all Google searches are health-related
  • 75% of people search online for a medical professional
  • 75% of internet searchers do not search past the first page of web results
  • In most major healthcare verticals, over 60% of consumers run a search before scheduling an appointment

There are many reasons why your healthcare practice needs SEO. They include:

  • Raising your visibility
  • Establishing credibility
  • Letting you segment your target audience
  • Helping you attract more traffic and new patients
  • Reducing costs to acquire new patients
  • Increasing your ROI and profitability

Don’t overlook the growing trend toward voice search.

Some 33 percent of consumers are now searching using voice assistants regularly. And nearly 52 percent of consumers are interested in using a voice assistant to answer their healthcare questions.


Steve Mintz

Steve Mintz is a marketing strategist with experience in all facets of marketing, from branding to market research and voice of the customer, to deeper direct marketing, digital marketing, loyalty, CRM and marketing automation expertise. Steve is not a graphic designer or video production expert, so while you would not want him to create those types of assets for you, his focus on the end-customer and years of marketing experience enables him to know what will resonate in the brain of your customer. Steve leverages customer data to derive actionable insights to optimize marketing response and increase revenue, retention and satisfaction.

Steve Mintz is experienced in a variety of verticals, including healthcare, financial services, insurance, credit unions, consumer packaged goods, durables, apparel, appliances, and hospitality/entertainment. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Steve holds an M.B.A. in Marketing, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Political Science and Geography.


Mohit Sarna

Mohit Sarna is a SEO Manager with the total experience of over 10 years. He is an expert of web analytics, content marketing, developing user experience strategies and search engine optimization plans that help his customers to achieve the optimum results.

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