Are You Satisfied With Your Online Reputation?

If you are like most medical professionals, you’d love to have all 5-star reviews. After all, you work hard for your patients. You might even be saving their lives. Shouldn’t your reviews reflect your care and dedication to practicing good medicine and high ideals?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a reputation management system that works just as hard at improving your online reputation scores* – with little to zero effort from you? A system that automatically generates, captures and publishes positive reviews from your silent majority of happy patients merely by simplifying the process for them?

*Average improvement rating plus 1.3 stars with myPracticeReputation

Easy Tracking

Easily monitor all your online reviews across all doctor review and consumer rating websites with myPracticeReputation. Gain access to all of your patient reviews, including some you may not have seen, as soon as they appear.

Keeping Score

Review sites are graded by their relevance to your practice, and your reviews are averaged and weighted to generate your Online Reputation Score. You’ll know at a glance exactly how you and your practice are perceived by your patients. The myPracticeReputation dashboard view gives you an instant scorecard.

Auto Everything

myPracticeReputation is a 95% automated physician reputation management solution that quickly generates, captures and publishes positive reviews from your happy patients – enhancing your overall ratings across all review sites in very little time. The process is simple and automatic and builds your reputation higher every day.

Critical Intel

Patients’ feedback regarding your practice, office conditions, treatment procedures, staff behavior and bedside manners just might give you the intelligence you need to improve your infrastructure, procedures, customer service and other aspects of your practice. These actions can lead to improved reputation scores and more new patient acquisitions.

Better Online Reputation = More New Patients

85% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from friends and family.

73% of consumers reported that positive online reviews increase their trust in a business.

82% of patients reported that they visit review websites to view and post comments, rate physicians and doctors, etc.

The number of patients who report using review websites to help them decide which healthcare practice to visit has increased by 25%.


Take Your strong Online Reputation Seriously

Whether you realize it or not, patients are writing online reviews about your healthcare practice and are using reviews to choose their next doctor or physician.

Even if the reviews are fake, wrong or unjustified, patients use them to judge your practice, especially in today’s era of value-based care.

Whether you receive positive, negative or neutral reviews, you need to take your online reputation seriously – so that you attract new patients and protect your revenue.

That’s where our signature online reputation management solution, myPracticeReputation comes in.

This easy-to-use online reputation management solution helps doctors and physicians monitor, capture, and publish patient reviews, giving them more control over what patients perceive their practice.

myPracticeReputation™ can help you.

Collect patient reviews via email and text with customized branding. No more pleading with patients to review your practice, only to have them forget once they leave your office. We make it easy for them to write a good review.

Publish your reviews on websites such as Yelp, Healthgrades and Facebook – so that your practice gets noticed for the right reasons.

Respond to reviews on your dashboard. When reviews come in from various websites, all you have to do is log in at the myPracticeReputation portal and you can respond immediately.

Send patient surveys on your behalf. Collect feedback from your patients on how your practice can be improved – to attract new patients and keep your current ones engaged.

Generate regular reports. Pull weekly or monthly data on the number of your reviews, responses and more – so that you’re crystal-clear on your current online reputation.

Identify areas of improvement in your healthcare practice. Based on your myPracticeReputation data, we’ll make recommendations for your staff, processes, etc. to help you increase your positive reviews.


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