Online Reputation Management For Doctors With myPR

If you are like most medical professionals, you’d love to have all 5-star reviews. After all, you work hard to ensure the highest quality of care for your patients. Shouldn’t your online ratings reflect your real skill and care?

You need an innovative healthcare reputation management system that works just as hard as you do – with little to zero effort on your part – a system that automatically generates, captures and publishes positive reviews from your silent majority of happy patients merely by simplifying the process.

The myPracticeReputation (myPR) platform is an automated doctor review management solution that takes charge of your reputation, transforms the way you attract patients, and helps you:

  • Capture the positive reviews you need on critical public platforms like Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals and more to improve your social ratings.*
  • Land consistently at the top of online searches due to optimized Google My Business listings to make you more visible.
  • Layer in targeted ads to specific patient types and geographic areas to grow your practice revenue.

*Average improvement rating plus 1.3 stars with myPracticeReputation


Benefits of myPR Healthcare Reputation Management System

New Patients

Consistently attract new patients as you land at the top of online search results due to optimized GMB listings and robust online reviews that demonstrate excellent patient care. Easily monitor all your online reviews across all doctor review and consumer rating websites with myPracticeReputation. Gain access to all of your patient reviews, including some you may not have seen, as soon as they appear.


The myPR healthcare online reputation management system provides seamless integration with more than 60 of the most popular practice management systems and EMRs. Depending on your system, there are several methods to integrate easily: API integration, direct integration, HL7 interface with additional HL7-based integration for all other platforms, automated SFTP, and secure messaging or direct manual upload.

Practice Marketing

myPR is a 95%-automated physician online reputation management solution that quickly generates, captures and publishes positive reviews from your happy patients – enhancing your overall ratings across all review sites in very little time. The process is simple, automatic and builds your reputation higher every day.

Grow Your Revenue
With Targeted Ads

Reputation ads leverage well-reviewed listings to target specific patient types and geographic areas. Layer in targeted ads, and you’ll have a patient mix that will drive increased revenue and patient volume. Physicians can fill their schedules with the most profitable market share consisting of desirable new patients.

Improve Online Visibility, and Better Manage Your Listings with myPR

Partner with Practice Builders to improve your social rating and jump to the top of online search results using myPR’s:

  • Seamless integration
  • Automated review invitations
  • Optimized Google My Business listing
  • Customized reports
  • Comprehensive surveys
  • Revenue-based insights

Boost your revenue by targeting high-value patients identified by myPR’s proprietary analytics. Feed ads that automatically turn on and off according to your needs. Welcome to the future of medical marketing using AI and Google My Business optimization:

  • Targeted ads
  • Improved visibility
  • Profitable patient load
  • Increased practice revenue

myPR’s extensive listing management tools move you to the top of Local Search results by optimizing your Google My Business pages. It’s essential to develop and maintain a secure listing page for each physician at each location. We help you land at the top of local search results.

Seamlessly integrate myPR with your practice management system and excel at reputation management for doctors. Get started today! Drive practice visibility to attract new patients and grow revenue.


Automate Your Patient Feedback Process

  • Save your employees time and effort.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your practice management system.
  • Increase your online ratings.
  • Improve customer service with real-time data.
  • myPracticeReputation automates and simplifies all parts of the patient feedback loop to raise your reputation online and improve your overall customer experience.

    Patients are automatically invited to leave a review soon after every visit, without any staff effort. These invitations can include any optional survey questions you choose. Data is collected and housed within your dashboard. Your employees can then focus on what is most important: delivering quality medical care and building patient trust. Use myPR’s intelligent tools to collect, analyze and manage the data you need with minimal effort:

    • We send review requests and survey invitations electronically, for immediate visibility, based on how people really do things.
    • We split invitations between text and email, and we seek reviews across all major online rating platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Healthgrades and Vitals.
    • Our customizable system lets you adapt automatic requests to collect ratings and reviews only or survey more deeply to collect data for specific business concerns.
    • Our simplified survey creation system lets you choose from a library of common survey questions or create your own.
    • We even scan the Internet for reviews and ratings about your practice that customers create independently, and our system alerts you automatically of any negative feedback.
    • Our tools pull this data into a central system for service recovery, reports and data analysis.

Leverage the Power of Automation

Most medical groups feel conflicted as they try to manage current business expectations and maintain their most important commitment of providing high-quality patient care. Owners and administrators expect service recovery, reputation management, survey data and improvement benchmarks. Being online creates additional growing pains for modern practices as they face increased pressure to solicit frequent online positive reviews and improve online physician reputations, which are essential for attracting new patients and increasing business revenue.

Our innovative myPR system successfully automates the entire patient acquisition process, giving the results you need while reducing staff time and simplifying your office workload. Easily grow your online ratings with high-volume and high-rated reviews to increase potential patient interest in your practice. Gather the survey data you need to improve customer satisfaction, including CAHPS and other industry standards. Do this with minimal effort using our smart tools that seamlessly integrate with your practice management system.

Your team does no additional work but achieves a 10-times higher response rate on reviews and survey requests. Our intelligent suite then simplifies your work as you use that data for service recovery, reputation management, benchmarking, reports, forecasting and more. That’s the power of automation.


myPR Solution
Is Easy to Use


myPracticeReputation Provides


Improve star ratings with auto-send of text or email to every patient requesting feedback and give voice to your silent majority of satisfied patients.

Reports and Notifications

Set up fully customizable, auto-generated reports, daily, weekly or monthly to give you the data how and when you need it most.

Review Interface

Manage all your reviews in a central location so you can respond quickly and improve patient care in meaningful ways.


See how your improved reputation and optimized Google My Business listings translate to dollars by tracking measurable actions.


Drive revenue and increase visibility by attracting high-value patients with reputation ads targeted to the local search areas they live in.

Patient Analytics

Identify the location of your preferred patient populations to adjust your case mix and boost your revenue.


Optimize your Google My Business listing to help you jump to the top of local search and give patients the information they’re looking for.


Create and deliver surveys to receive valuable insight and have summary results and analyses at your fingertips.

Seamlessly integrate myPracticeReputation with your practice management system and improve your online reputation. Get started today! Drive practice visibility to attract new patients and grow revenue.

Track All Your
Online Patient Reviews and Practice Ratings

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