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Optimizing Operational and
Marketing Excellence in Healthcare:

Helping Healthcare Providers Improve Efficiency, Patient Care and Profitability

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Joint Webinar :- June 23 at 1 pm EST
Practice Builders Alta CQE

In addition to taking millions of lives, the global coronavirus pandemic exposed a legion of problems that have plagued the healthcare industry for decades. Exorbitantly high costs, gross inefficiencies, frustrated providers, poor communications, and millions of dissatisfied patients have collided to create an abundance of new opportunities for industry-wide improvements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left healthcare providers in desperate need of increasing their revenue, reducing their costs, and increasing or improving patient engagement and quality care. Solving these issues in a frequently short-staffed post-COVID world has become critical to the success of your practice or organization.

In this thought-provoking, information-packed webinar, “Optimizing Operational and Marketing Excellence in Healthcare” we will join our sister companies Alta and CQE to discuss how 21st century market forces are reshaping healthcare, with advice aimed at helping healthcare providers optimize operational and marketing excellence to become more efficient and profitable while improving patient care and satisfaction.

Your practice needs the right operational process for getting new patients, revenue cycle management and improved reimbursement rates. And the best place to learn what you need to know is our June 23 webinar, “Optimizing Operational and Marketing Excellence in Healthcare.”